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The IP Opportunity for Broadcast

Written by Andre Meterian, Director of ProAV at Panasonic Connect Europe

The IP Opportunity for Broadcast

The transition to an IP infrastructure in the Broadcast and ProAV industry is unleashing a new world of possibilities. Andre Meterian, Director of ProAV at Panasonic Connect Europe explains more.

The PTZ Architect

It’s an exciting time to be part of the Broadcast and ProAV industry. Only a decade ago, most companies in the business were reluctant to be early adopters of Cloud or IP production and didn’t want to move their content into a virtualised environment. There were concerns around security, lack of infrastructure and knowledge, and the huge cost of transition.

However, in the past few years, this view has changed. More and more users are now consuming content through online platforms. The pandemic forced the move to remote production and increased operability. New IP protocols have also improved AV workflows. Facing these challenges and opportunities, Broadcast professionals have quickly reconsidered use of IP.

IP becoming essential

Deploying IP technology is now becoming essential. There are great benefits to having an all-IP infrastructure with endless possibilities when it comes to remote production - if your setup is IP-ready.

At Panasonic, we have embraced the IP world and offer a complete glass-to-glass solution - from our cameras to the ultimate display - to better support our customers when it comes to IP production. The support of IP leading standards such as H264, NDI and SRT is already an integral part of our PTZ range, and support for the ST2110 standard is included in our live camera systems and our live video processing platform KAIROS.

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KAIROS provides the bridge

KAIROS is a ground-breaking IT/IP processing platform. It’s the perfect tool to adopt IP, by bridging IP to the traditional SDI world, while offering unprecedented flexibility and performance.

Kairos plays an integral part in our product portfolio as the backbone of our glass-to-glass solutions, connecting, for example, our cameras to our projectors.

Full product adaptability is also made possible by working closely and collaborating with a network of partners, especially when it comes to SMPTE ST 2110 interoperability and device connection verification to simplify the implementation of hybrid and IP systems.

Panasonic is working with selected KAIROS Alliance Partners tThe PTZ Architecto easily expand KAIROS’ functions through carefully tested and approved third-party devices and software. Through the exchange of technical info between the companies, we can ensure the best experience and offer peace of mind for our customers, especially when it comes to challenging topics such as IP integration.

In short, we are excited about this new IP world and the opportunities it brings as it’s key to addressing many of the industry’s current challenges. To find out more about our IP-ready solutions and to hear more about our latest developments as the PTZ Architects and our new AV Digital World platform, take a look at our latest BIZ-Talks episode.

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