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Collaboration for the modern workplace

Written by Daniela Karakaci, Field Marketing Manager Visual System Solutions

PressIT: Collaboration for the modern workplace


The workplace is changing and there has never been a more important time to ensure that the right communication and collaboration solutions are in place to harness the full potential of today’s workforce.

Companies are introducing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies to enable flexibility and provide employees with a choice of equipment. In addition, Generation Z is entering the workforce. A new generation of employees with raised technology expectation levels. They want consumer-levels of plug-and-play and functionality from the technology in the workplace to enable them to perform at their best.

As a result, the modern work environment needs flexible, secure and easy-to-use solutions that enable efficient and creative idea sharing between devices and employees.

Panasonic recently introduced the PressIT Wireless Presentation System, a plug-and-play technology designed to eliminate the need for cables and make meetings more efficient by streamlining content sharing.

By simply connecting the receiver to the projector or professional display in the meeting, conference or huddle room and plugging the transmitter into the presenting devices, employees can press a button and instantly share content. This takes the guesswork out of dealing with uncooperative, unreliable and complicated technology – allowing users to focus on sharing content.

Additionally, the system allows for simultaneous collaboration with up to four presenters able to display visual and audio content at the same time. No network setup, software or driver installation is required. It is compatible with all operating systems – PressIT provides a connectivity option for any smartphone, laptop or tablet. It works with an HDMI and USB or USB-C attachment – or without cables entirely with the Android app.

With the ability to bring your own device and the use of wireless transmission comes the need for security, too.  Meeting rooms and huddle spaces share lots of confidential and sensitive information. PressIT uses WPA2-PSK technology to encrypt the wireless transmissions between the buttons and the receiver, and as no software installation is required, it meets the high-security requirements of corporate and research environments.

With the rising need for agile tech and an increased emphasis on flexible work environments, it’s clear that collaboration and communication solutions are a key piece of the puzzle; and simple, intuitive technology is needed to support these environments. Take a closer look at the facts:

PressIT Basic Set

Technology to support the new ways of working

Collaboration has always been important but as BYOD becomes more popular the need for tools that can handle any hardware or software has become essential for productivity, idea sharing and employee satisfaction.

In this new era of work, seamless collaboration and agile technology solutions are needed to provide the freedom to instantly create, collaborate and share as required.

Enhancing work now and beyond

As the way we work changes, adapting to new modes of working is essential for employee satisfaction and for organisations to grow. Solutions that support BYOD in the workplace allows great ideas to flow and great work to follow. Wireless presentation systems that make idea sharing easy increase creativity, productivity and pave the way for strong, agile companies now, and in the future.

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